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Web Health Checks

sample health check
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In this economic climate. You need to make sure you can convert as many visitors to your site as possible to clients.

Consider the following questions:

If any of the above questions concern you then you should consider having us a perform a health check on your website. We will provide you with a report on all of the above issues and a set of recommendations for fixing any issues found.

A website that is hard to navigate, doesn't render well and is full of broken links will drive your potential customers away. Even if it looks good but does not conform to web standards, the next time a new browser version comes out, you may find that it no longer looks they way you want. Building a site that conforms to web standards helps you to future proof your site.

Did you know that putting a high resolution image on a web page takes longer to load and doesn't look as good as one that is optimised for screen veiwing? Click here to see what we mean.

Can you afford not to make sure your site accurately represents your business?

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